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Fully mobile

It doesn’t matter where your employees are located – approve or reject expenses any time, any place.

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Connected solution

Rydoo is a connected platform by design, so all your systems work in harmony. Connecting your systems and processes changes how your finance team functions and adds value.

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All receipts in one app

Forward your electronic receipts with your business email and see the expenses appear in the app.

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Easily scale compliance

Global workforce? No problem! Rydoo makes it easy to follow local rules and regulations for all your employees when submitting, approving, or declaring expenses.

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Go Paperless

In modern tech companies, most people don’t go to the office very often. So how do you get your expenses processed and approved? Rydoo eliminates paper receipts from your life. When you receive a receipt, simply snap a picture. Approvals and processing occur in the mobile app after our technology extracts all relevant information.

Rydoo integrations

Be integrated

No technology is an island. Tech companies know better than anyone else that any piece of software needs to “speak” with other solutions. Benefit from our expense-management platform and have all your systems working in harmony. We know from experience that connecting your systems and processes changes how your finance team operates.

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Be flexible

The majority of yesterday’s expenses were business trips, dinners and lunches. Nowadays, it’s expensive to set up your remote office environment or manage homework allowances. What will tomorrow bring? Rydoo adapts to changing circumstances with all the flexibility you need, whether it’s changing approval flows, different cost categories or adapting to local regulations.

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Strengthen employee experience

The tech industry’s war on talent is fierce, so you need to offer employees the best working environment to maximise talent retention. Rydoo makes the process fast, easy, and painless, so you are guaranteed to provide your employees with an app they love to use.

What clients are saying


“The capacity for the tool to recognise elements and pre-populate the information for you is a big time-saver and it’s one of the elements that we liked about Rydoo when doing the demos.”

Unify Square

“Rydoo’s UI allows for a fast adoption rate among new employees and, regarding current employees, they like the fact that they can submit really fast expenses via the Rydoo app and have visibility of the status of their expenses.”

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