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Globalise solution

The streamlined process helps your organisation quickly expand your lineup and operations to additional countries.

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Be Integrated

Would you like to catch a Bolt or Uber? You don’t need to create an expense: just forward the invoice to Rydoo, and we’ll handle all the paperwork.

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Scale compliance

Rydoo makes it easy to follow local rules and regulations for all your employees when submitting, approving, or declaring expenses.

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Sync corporate cards

Whether it’s a debit, credit, prepaid or purchasing card. Rydoo reconciles the data with a receipt or invoice and ensures that all data is entered correctly.

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Get more flexibility

Manufacturers need flexible expense processes to support the ever-changing environment of new product lines, product plants, and projects. The approval process, policies, and budgets can change quickly. Rydoo enables you to set up approvers on a project-by-project basis, so you don’t have to worry about who approves what as an end-user. Once you’ve assigned the expense to the correct project code, you’re good to go.

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International compliance

Manufacturers typically have employees and customers all over the world. Users can work in Rydoo on the device of their choice in their language. Our platform also makes it easy for customers to remain compliant, so they aren’t concerned about per diem rates or mileage calculations. Our integrated partners also enable easy and fast VAT reclaim.

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Automatic processes

No matter how your transactions are handled, whether they’re debit, credit, prepaid or purchasing cards, you can configure them. Rydoo reconciles the data with a receipt or invoice and ensures that all data is entered correctly.

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Real-time information

Project fees usually include anticipated expenses. Therefore, it is critical to be able to monitor the expensed amount on a real-time basis and make well-informed changes to stay on budget.

What clients are saying


“One of the prerequisites for our choice was the possibility of scaling the solution to other countries. Brazil was the gateway, but our idea was always to take Rydoo to all Fagron offices worldwide. We compared Rydoo with other platforms, but they were not there yet when it comes to being compliant worldwide and adapting to all our other needs like Rydoo was. The decision was easy.”- HR Partner


“Rydoo is uncomplicated and self-explanatory. While competitors work with rather bulky tiles, Rydoo is agile and intuitive. In addition, the cost-benefit calculation was right – an essential point for every investment. We were sure that our employees would save valuable time with Rydoo and that the company could save costs.” – Head of Finance

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