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Engineering construction - Fast easy accurate expensing

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Fast, easy and accurate expensing

Site personnel including Procurement Managers, Engineers and Site Managers can submit and manage their expenses in just seconds with the Rydoo app. This provides fully digital, timely, and accurate expenses to Finance teams.

Engineering construction - Centralised spending control

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Efficient expensing at scale

Monitoring expenses across various and sometimes remote locations doesn’t have to be a challenge. With Rydoo, E&C finance teams can consolidate all spending data into a single platform, enabling precise and always up-to-date control of all activity.

Engineering construction project based accounting


Project-based accounting

Effortlessly allocate expenses to specific projects, clients, or sites. This allows finance teams to gain insights into project spending and overall profitability, and create more precise accruals.

Engineering construction - Compliance auditing simplification

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Compliance and auditing simplification

Stay compliant with relevant tax, mileage and Per Diem regulations by accessing official rates for over 80 countries and simplify your audit preparations with streamlined record-keeping.


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+1000 employees

“Rydoo saves the company over 40 hours / per week. And it has eliminated at least 2 manual processes. We now have automated processes that reduced the number of errors in the expenses submitted and allow the finance team to control and run reports for reimbursement in 1 hour instead of a full day.”

Matthew Streicher

Director of Project Development, Tippmann

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Hours saved every year

Manual processes removed

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Instant adoption among employees


Integrated with your favourite tools

Rydoo connects with over 35 Finance, ERP, HR and Travel tools to enable full systems synchronisation.


A secure environment for your data
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