Rydoo, the Game-Changing Business Travel and Expense Mobile App that Eliminates Complicated Admin

Paris, June 5th 2018 –   Xpenditure and iAlbatros, together with their early investor, Sodexo (world leader in quality of life services) unveils Rydoo, the new platform that eliminates daily administrative tasks starting with business travel and expense management. Launched in France and worldwide today, Rydoo aims to unlock the full potential of a dynamic yet old-fashioned market, while supporting the digitization of workplaces.

At work, administrative tasks with no added value are frustrating. We have all spent hours searching for the right flight, queuing to check-out at hotel lobbies, and then finally have confusing expense reports to fill in. No salesperson was ever hired to become an expert in travel arrangements or collecting paper receipts. Employees and companies deserve to focus on what matters and what offers value. Rydoo launches its travel and expense technology brings this technology to drive efficiency and enable better ways to work.

Now Rydoo reinvents and simplifies travel and expense management to just a few clicks and photos, whilst saving time and optimizing costs.

Game-changing in Business Travel and Expense Management

Rydoo is the first platform to cover the full scope of any trip or any expense to contribute to a more fulfilling work environment.

With an average adoption rate of 93% within the first month, Rydoo proves just how user-friendly it is for employees and efficient it is for companies.

As a result, finance teams in organizations benefit from:

  • a 87% reduction in processing cost
  • sources of optimisation thanks to compliance with company policies
  • time saving with expense processing time divided by 4

Rydoo is also a SaaS (Solution As A Service) solution that takes just a few days to implement, releasing new features on a weekly basis. Rydoo has an unprecedented and innovative business model based on active users numbers.

Rydoo Combines a Stellar User Experience Satisfying Corporate Expectations for Efficiency

Rydoo’s end-to-end platform combines both worlds through two modules, streamlining the entire business travel and expense process:

  • Rydoo Travel helps employees find the right flight, rail ticket or car rental, and book the hotel that suits their needs from among 800 000 accommodation choices, and offers a dashing user experience in less time. Rydoo Travel skips the payment phase for employees – no more queuing at the hotel lobby – thanks to central billing. Finance teams receive a single invoice gathering all business travel-related information, at the end of the month.
  • Rydoo Expense allows employees to enjoy the snap-and-process feature that offers automated, paperless expense management while complying with company’s policy. Finance teams easily manage employees’ reimbursements in real-time and control the company’s expense budget.

Using both modules guarantee full value from this new way of working, but companies can also start with one module, depending on their needs.

Rydoo CEO, Sebastien Marchon says:  Rydoo fights with daily life pain points at work by offering an end-user oriented app. Rydoo removes complexity for employees while offering productivity for finance teams — reducing processing costs of 87% means significant value and savings for our companies. By making Rydoo one of the leading players in the travel and expense market, Sodexo aims to improve the quality of life and performance of the organizations it serves.”

Sodexo Mobility & Expense, President, Didier Dumont, President, adds: “Keeping people efficiently on the move is essential for business success. Rydoo brings the travel and expense ecosystem together to gain time and real-time visibility for hassle-free performance. To deliver this to the market in an agile way, we define ourselves as a corp-up that combines the strength of a corporate company and the agility and innovative mindset of a start-up”.

About Rydoo

Rydoo reinvents and simplifies business travel and expense management thanks to the expertise of its two founding startups it is originated: Xpenditure and iAlbatros. With 300 enthusiastic employees, Rydoo operates in more than 60 countries. Its 6,000 customers (public and private organizations) benefit from the usability and efficiency of its consumer-oriented app.

Over 1 million professionals worldwide are using Rydoo.