About Partena Professional

Partena Professional is a service provider with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and personnel management. Partena Professional supports and accompanies start-ups, mid-sized and large companies in their administrative procedures and HR policy. The tool is designed to save companies time and effort in managing their human resources, allowing them to focus on their core business and the growth of their company.

Key features

Expert at the right time, advisor when you need it:

  • Manage your employees with one tool: With Partena Professional companies can calculate and pay their employees’ salaries, track leave and absence, manage contracts and other HR documents, and much more.
  • Save time and effort: The Partena Professional tool is designed to save businesses time and effort in managing their human resources so they can focus on their core business and growing their business.
  • Your advisor on changing regulations: Partena Professional offers advice and support on social legislation and HR, so companies do not have to worry about the complex and constantly changing regulations.

How it works

The integration between Partena Professional and Rydoo helps you simplify and automate your business processes by allowing your employees’ approved expenses to appear on the payroll sheet.

With this integration, you no longer have to worry about manually processing expense reports and assigning expenses to the correct categories.
There are three integrations options available:

  1. Rydoo to Partena Professional (runs on clock): Reimbursement of expenses are done through wages (payroll): Approved expenses are sent from Rydoo to Partena Professional (ExpertSalary) so that they are paid out together with the salary. In this scenario, the data is imported into Rydoo manually or through another software.
  2. Partena Professional to Rydoo (via SFTP): Reimbursement of expenses is done through an accounting program,bookkeeping, or other means: Partena Professional sends the necessary personnel data to Rydoo to avoid double input. From Rydoo you are able to export all approved expenses to your accounting tool or reimbursement tool.
  3. 2-way integration: combination of the 2 mentioned above.
Partena - Clock - API_01
Partena - 2 way integration