Personio with Rydoo - What does it do?

What does it do?

This integration connects your Personio account with Rydoo’s via the API. So whenever you create or update user information on Personio, the information is automatically synchronised on your Rydoo account.

Stop having to do the same thing twice, and keep all employees data up-to-date on Rydoo without the manual hassle.

Why use it?

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Automatic user creation

When you onboard a new employee on Personio a Rydoo user account will be created for the employee automatically assigning their direct supervisor as their approver.

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User data always up-to-date

If employees are reassigned to another supervisor or cost center, don’t worry, these changes will take place on Rydoo automatically, making sure expenses always follow the right flow.

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No technical knowledge needed

Rydoo takes care of the maintenance & mapping update.

How does it work?

Our connecter checks daily if any employee data has been created or updated on your Personio account.
If so, the data is updated on your Rydoo account.
The set-up is quick, our connector automates the mapping, and our team takes care of the maintenance.


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Can’t find the integration you’re looking for?

With our open API and SFTP we’re able to integrate any tool. We can create a customised .csv or .xlsx file for you. Perhaps a new integration with the tools you’re using is on our roadmap. Reach out to find out.

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