About Slack

Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for the office, used to connect teams, unify systems, and drive business forward.

Key features

  • Increase productivity: simply drop your receipts into your Slack channel wherever you are to let our smart bots upload them to your Rydoo account for you.
  • Save time: Managers save time by approving or rejecting expenses on the go, directly in their favorite Slack channel. They immediately receive a message on Slack when they have an expense to review.

How it works

1) Connect to Slack: Navigate to the “Integrations” page on your Rydoo dashboard, and select “Slack” integration.

2) Drop Receipts in Slack: Drop your expense receipts directly into Slack. We’ll collect the data and upload your receipts directly to your Rydoo account.

3) Approve Expenses on the Go: Approve or reject your team’s expenses in the single tap of a button. Your team members are instantly updated in their Slack channel.