How McFIT Spain saves up to 40% of time on its expense management process

Written by Alba Rodriguez
Alba Rodriguez is Content Marketer at Rydoo.

It’s been over 20 years already since McFIT, now RSG Group, started revolutionizing the fitness industry. A banana doing weights? Exactly! With that logo, Rainer Schaller opened his first McFIT gym in Würzburg back in 1997. Today, more than 250 gyms in Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain and Italy, and its 4000 employees make McFIT the number one gyms chain in Europe.

McFits enormous success is a result of the organisation’s constant effort to think differently and set new goals. At the forefront of this is the Administration and Finance department and its leader in the Spanish office: Chantal Garicano.

Exemplary for this innovative spirit was they way how Chantal transformed the way her company was dealing with its expense management.

Chantal Garicano - Administration & Finance Leader

One of the things we liked a lot about Rydoo is that we can do the configuration entirely ourselves.

Manual processes are not a trend

Until last year, McFIT Spain’s expense management was very manual and caused strong monthly work peaks for the accounting team: ”I would see that, at certain times of the month, there were colleagues from the accounting department spending a full day only on processing expenses. And that doesn’t make sense.’’

From the employees’ perspective, it was a real loss of time as well: ”We had the expense reports that each employee would fill out in an Excel sheet and send to the accounting department with the corresponding receipts to be verified and accounted for. You can imagine what a waste of time this is for employees who travel a lot, they had real expense books.’’

I would see that, at certain times of the month, there were colleagues from the accounting department spending a full day doing only expenses. And that doesn’t make sense.


How to choose the best solution?

Chantal always aims to improve and automate internal processes within her department and, taking into account the previous scenario, last year it was time to do so for expense management processes. 

She didn’t want a very complex system or a very long implementation process, so after comparing the best solutions on the market with her team, they presented the two finalists to the general manager in Spain and ”he thought your tool was brilliant. He really liked the international aspect of Rydoo.’’

For Chantal, it was very important to not have a really time-consuming implementation project but also to be able to easily calculate the final cost of the project. She assures that she did not want to “have complicated things in accounting and administration”.

Your implementation project was fast and cost-effective.


Could the implementation be finished in only 8 weeks?

Chantal had a very clear deadline for the implementation project and, thanks to her proactive collaboration and the speed with which our Customer Success department understood their needs, the project was up and running in 8 weeks.

At the end of October, the sales department delegated the project to Sofia, the one in charge of the implementation process. ”We had a great relationship with Sofia because she perfectly understood what we wanted.” Beginning of November, ”we had a videoconference with her. She wanted to understand very well our expense management process, what the approval process was like, how many users were going to have access, the type of expenses we had, etc.” 

Then, Sofia created a real platform for the McFIT project team so they could see everything and understand features and flows. ‘’We had the platform ready by the end of November. We loaded all the information we needed to prepare (users, type of expenses, categories) and then we started testing it. For example, we took expenses that we had already counted and took photos of the tickets, both with Apple and Android, to see both versions.”

Chantal and her project team tested the platform and any feedback was communicated to Sofia so she could, under consideration of the feedback, adapt the platform to McFIT’s expense management process needs.

As Chantal states, “it was very fast because the person assigned to the implementation perfectly understood what we wanted. In addition, one of the things we really liked about Rydoo is that we can do the configuration ourselves: we progressively added new users and also created new categories. This was done in collaboration with the finance team, who were involved in the testing of the platform and were able to give us feedback and recommendations.’’

One of the things we really liked about Rydoo is that we can do the configuration ourselves.

Automation is a trend

What does the current expense management process look like? In short: More efficient and paperless. McFIT Spain has managed to save time and manual work in the process because ”people who travel a lot scan the ticket or invoice at the moment, check that it has been processed, fill it in and throw away the ticket”.

Now, no more end-of-the-month peaks are happening, neither for the people who travel nor for the people who approve and control expenses. They can see real-time expenses generated and who is generating them.

According to Chantal, ”So far, our finance team has been able to save approximately 25-40% of its time.” On the other hand, the accounting department has also ”managed to reduce its level of manual work and they are very happy.’’ Rydoo’s integration with SAP has increased data traceability and general spending visibility.

So far, our finance team has been able to save approximately 25-40% of its time


Apart from having increased processes’ efficiency and saved time and manual work for the accounting department, McFIT Spain has managed to increase the satisfaction of those employees who travel regularly: ”Employees who travel a lot are totally delighted and it has really saved them a lot of time and effort”.

McFit Spain & Chantal’s Finance Team are a clear example of how an innovative mindset can help to make a company-wide process more efficient in no more than 8 weeks.





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