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Project Expense control

Each project comes with its budget. Employees submit expenses anytime, anywhere so expensed amounts are monitored on a real-time basis.

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Embrace the flexibility

Engineering and construction professionals simultaneously manage multiple projects with different approval processes, policies, and budgets. All parameters can be configured on a project-by-project basis with Rydoo.

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Fully mobile

Workers in the construction industry spend most of their time on construction sites and rarely work from home or at the office. Provide them with a mobile, paperless solution that allows them to submit expenses on the go.

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Easily scale compliance

Workforce travelling around the globe? No problem! Rydoo makes it easy to follow local rules and regulations for all your employees when submitting, approving, or declaring expenses.

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Global rollouts, local fine-tuning

It’s possible to specify which policies apply to different sets of employees depending on the way you go live. By using our rule engine, you can specify terms and conditions per region, per attendee, per night, weekday or weekend.

Sync the company cards

Whether it’s a debit, credit, prepaid or purchasing card, you configure how those transactions are handled. Rydoo reconciles the data with a receipt or invoice and ensures that all data is entered correctly.

Bill accurately and timely

Which of your expenses can – no, should – be billed to your customer? Rydoo allows you to easily distinguish between customer billable and non-billable charges, speeding up submissions. Billable items are processed instantly so you can invoice your customers accurately and quickly.

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Simplify local compliance

Keeping up with the ever-changing local rules and regulations of the countries you visit can be challenging. Rydoo makes it easy to comply with local laws and regulations when submitting, approving, or declaring expenses. No matter what those baffling per diems, UK mileage rules, German 3 month regulations, or French carte grise are to you.

What clients are saying

Tippmann Group

“We looked at several platforms and tried a few. With Rydoo we were able to test drive all the features. I’ve put together a small project team for the trial period and everyone loved it. We then decided to build a case with the Rydoo team and presented it to management. Also, the risk was low. If the platform didn’t work for everyone after implementation, we could always go back to excel at the end of the year.” – Director of Project Development

Innogy Consulting

“We had to document a lot to go completely paperless: how our processes are compliant with the accounting regulations, our risk assessment and mitigation procedures, how we manage access to these data, how long they are stored, the quality of scanned images, their inalterability etc. Without Rydoo, it would have been impossible for us to go 100% paperless” – Consultant

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