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SaaS companies like Rydoo spend a lot of time producing the right product, and the significance and labor that goes into growing that community of consumers around that product should not be ignored. Incorporate the critical job of inbound digital marketing experts! Inbound marketers engage consumers by enticing them with organic, useful information and tailored experiences delivered through digital channels like blogs, email, webinars, and social media.

They make sure to provide answers to buyers’ most common questions and empower buyers to make their own decisions. This alignment with the way users think, research, and buy results in much more powerful and longer-lasting relationships. And in 2021, with hundreds of new software products being created on a daily basis, competition is stiff (to say the least) and product availability is at an all-time high – meaning inbound marketing is a necessity for SaaS companies – not a luxury. In the end, inbound marketers touch many facets of the business – from bringing in new business revenue to increased customer success, upselling and cross-selling, and let’s not forget increased user retention. 

In this spotlight post, we chat with Charlotte Driessen, Digital Marketing Director from Rydoo’s Mechelen hub. Charlotte is a Belgian native, with a degree in Communication Sciences and Business Management. She originally started her career off in sales and switched over to digital marketing due to her passion for the SaaS start-up industry and the impact she could make with building a strong community due to scaling inbound marketing intentions. Here’s Charlotte’s perspective of what it is really like to lead a team of marketing specialists at Rydoo that bring in 70% of new business revenue through strategic and creative efforts. 

Charlotte Rydoo

Why did you decide to pursue Digital Marketing as a career path?

It was more the type of business (SaaS start-ups) and the challenges you encounter (from building new processes, teams, strategies, etc) that really drove me to the career choices I’ve made. Now, I really love my role as Digital Marketing Director cause it’s so broad and combines all the best things: strategy, innovation, analytics, creativity, operations, managing a young team, and much more.

What's the most rewarding part of being a Digital Marketing Director?

Seeing the impact our relatively small marketing team is having on the organization. With a marketing team of 12 people, we’re consistently sourcing 70% of the new business revenue.

Charlotte Driessen Marketing and Sales team

What are some of the interesting projects that you are currently tackling?

Conversational marketing and scaling our webinar program. Rethinking our brand and messaging. Our growth strategy for the next fiscal year. Revising our social strategy. You name it, things are always moving so fast that we’re constantly re-evaluating and improving our methods.

Why is it interesting to be a part of the Marketing Team at Rydoo?

Our team is a great mix of juniors and more experienced professionals from all over the world. Spain, Costa Rica, France, you name it. Thanks to the JFDI mentality – our marketing team is the perfect place to learn, experiment, fail and book great successes. We have all the important marketing skills in-house, which means a great variety of functions and knowledge in a small but very efficient team. Even though we’re currently working remotely we’re zooming and slacking constantly. 

Charlotte Driessen Rydoo office

What attracted you to working at Rydoo?

The tech scene, the start-up culture, a young team, lots of big challenges, and the JFDI mentality.  I had previous experience in a very similar successful tech start-up (Showpad) & Rydoo seemed to be a good cultural fit. 


Thanks to the JFDI mentality – our marketing team is the perfect place to learn, experiment, fail and book great successes.’


What's the best part of working on the Marketing Team?

Because they rock! I’m learning new things from the team every day, no challenge is too big, and no idea is too crazy to test. With this go-getter mentality, we’ve been able to double our impact in the last year. 

Beyond the Marketing team, it’s great to work so closely with other departments. Plus, we have such an international environment.


How would you describe the culture at Rydoo?

Start-up vibes, young and very international team, big challenges, and the JFDI mentality! Work hard, play hard is taken very seriously at Rydoo 😉

Digital Marketing

Bonus Question:  

What’s your favorite business travel destination and why?

Damn, that’s so hard to choose. Can I pick 3? London, Paris, and Lisbon. Super vibrant cities where you can grab a respective pint, coupe, or cerveja around the corner after work. Cheers! 🍻




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