Setup your business profile

Go to the “Payment” settings in your Uber App and setup your business profile and confirm that your email address matches your work email.

Select Rydoo

Select Rydoo as your “expense provider” in your Business profile settings.

Verify your email

Start to receive business trip receipts in Rydoo after you verified your email.

Rydoo commits to changing the way people work.

Take an Uber business ride

When you order your next ride you can select the profile for that specific ride. When you select your business profile connected to Rydoo, all receipts will be sent automatically to Rydoo Expense.

business travel management

Get reimbursed in no time

Rydoo Expense reads out all the necessary data on the receipt such as the merchant, the date, the currency, the amount and adds the ride details in the comment field. It automatically creates an expense in your account where you can add additional info such as project or an expense category. Now the expense is ready to submit to your approver and to be processed for further reimbursement.

Get an easy overview of your Uber work rides

You can easily get an overview on your business rides and make a report out of them. The approver in your company can do the same and compare.

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