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How Miele solved its expense problem

Here at Rydoo we have customers in more than 160 countries from all around the world. The makeup of our customer base is diverse, representing people from every walk of life, and a mix of backgrounds; from freelancers, to CFO’s at major multi-nationals to finance managers at small and medium businesses.

Despite the diversity of our customers, all of them share a burning desire to take the headache out of expense management. At Rydoo, our goal is simple: we want to change the way we all work and help you claim back your time. After all, the expense management process no longer needs to be the time suck it always has been. In this short case study, we discuss the benefits of having a good expense management tool with Jean-Marie Vanderstichele, Director of Finance & Operations at Miele Belgium & Luxembourg.

The old days

Before Rydoo, Miele’s expense management process was quite typical for many companies of the early 2000s, a process that was no longer fit for its purpose. Expenses were still tracked in Excel sheets, despite the obvious limitations, such as human errors and the amount of time spent. “Previously the expense management process was very time-consuming, which resulted in delayed reimbursements and a lack of insight into company expenses”, says Jean-Marie. “The processing and reporting of the expenses could take weeks so employees had to wait a long time for their reimbursements.”

Solving Miele’s Expense Management Problem

While Miele’s management was quite well aware of the ressource drain on their expense management process, it was not immediately a priority. Even though he was not actively looking for a solution, Jean-Marie was immediately convinced that Rydoo’s solution met their immediate needs. “This was exactly the solution we were looking for: simple, clear and, most importantly, paperless. We then decided to give it a try.”

This view is again quite typical. Companies are often aware of the fact that their expense management process is consuming a lot of time and effort but they may not be actively looking for a solution for a various reasons. As the market matures, however, and decision makers become more aware of the benefits of expense management solutions the decision becomes a pretty straightforward one.

Rydoo really improved our expense management
process. It is a user-friendly, easy and fun tool to get insight in
your expenses using real-time data.
Jean-Marie Vanderstichele
Director of Finance &
Operations – Miele Belgium & Luxembourg

Managing the Transition

Jean-Marie described how Miele’s leadership was slightly uncertain about the transition towards an online expense management solution. As Miele have a very mixed employee base, Jean-Marie and the team were naturally afraid that not everyone would immediately accept the solution. As time went by it became clear that this fear was completely unfounded. “The integration process was flawless and employees had few, if any, questions about the functionality of the software.”

In terms of the roll out, Miele took a very personal approach initially informing the heads of the various departments who took it in turn to inform their reports. Rydoo was gradually introduced and practical demo’s were given so their employees were clear how to use the software.

A conclusion, please.

According to Jean-Marie, the three key benefits of Rydoo’s expense management solution for Miele were the following:

1. Time saving: The time taken to manage the handling process for expense notes has been shortened.

2. Employee Empowerment: Employees are empowered and engaged to handle their expenses better and to keep up with uploading their expenses.

3. Data Insights: The ability to review expense data delivers insights to senior management. You get real-time insight into expenses and where expenses are in the flow/process.

Jean-Marie concluded the interview by talking about the Return on Investment from using Rydoo. A back of the envelope calculation revealed that between handling costs, processing costs and correcting errors that the annual costs associated with their old process were significantly greater than with Rydoo.

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