About Cornèrcard

Whether you are a big or small company, Cornèrcard Business Solutions are the simple way to meet the continuously increasing requirements placed on payments processing management. It enables companies to simplify payments processing and the management of corporate expenses. The objective is to provide a full user-friendly payment solution in order to optimise costs, identify cost-saving potential and separate private expenses from business expenses in an uncomplicated manner.

Key features

  • Credit and prepaid cards provided: With Cornèrcard’s globally recognised cards available in various currencies, you receive detailed monthly statements, providing you with maximum transparency and cost control – No need for a bank account.
  • Centralisation: Optimal overview and measurable efficiency gain with individual and collective monthly statements
  • Card reconciliation: Thanks to the integration, the system automatically links and coordinates expenses with Credit Card Transactions
  • Flexibility: Greater flexibility thanks to individually definable spending limit.

How it works

After receiving the approval from the client, in order to enable the data transfer to Rydoo, Cornèrcard will proceed with the configuration of the company data feed and the activation of the data feed itself on the Cornèrcard Business cards.