About Mastercard

Mastercard is a global payment technology company that provides a platform for consumers, businesses, and organisations to make electronic payments. Its payment processing network offers credit, debit, commercial, and prepaid cards, too. Mastercard works with more than 150 currencies and in more than 210 countries and territories.


Key features

The Mastercard transaction data feed is set up via your bank and Mastercard Smart Data. Data feeds are automatically imported into the Rydoo account to pre-populate expense fields for an easy expense management. Key benefits are:

    • The auto-creation of expenses from transactions
    • Automatic reconciliation of expenses with transaction

How it works

After adding the cards on your account, and once a receipt has been uploaded, Rydoo will look for a match to the corresponding corporate card feed. If a match is confirmed, a credit card icon will appear at your expense. 

However, Rydoo won’t be able to detect a match if the basic information between a transaction and an expense is different (F.e. the amount is slightly different because of the exchange rate).

But don’t worry! You can manually match an expense with the right transaction in a few seconds with the mobile app or the desktop version.