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Vanbreda Risk starts digital transformation from within

Koen Dierckx joined Van Breda Risk and Benefits as CFO in 2015. In order to develop the company’s digitization strategy, he started looking into the existing processes and how to optimize them by digitizing the low value tasks.

Koen’s first project was reassessing Vanbreda’s expense management process.

How did you come across Rydoo?

I had heard of Rydoo before and found out that several large companies were using it, so it was sort of natural that we gravitated towards it. I must say referrals are still the best marketing tool for companies.

How was your selection process?

We trialed the platform and we felt that Rydoo had the features we were looking for. From digitizing receipts to the fully integrated process of approvals and finance controlling, it was able to cover all our needs. We did face some technical challenges regarding the integration of Rydoo with our systems at first, but the Rydoo teams helped solve the issues and find the right solution. From that moment, we knew there were great teams behind the platform and that we could trust them to overcome any issue in the future.

Everything was done on paper. It was extremely time-consuming. It had to change!

Koen Dierckx

Why a cloud expense management solution?

Well, it was first and foremost a matter of cost. As a CFO, numbers are of course the first thing I look at. The threshold to implement Rydoo is very low: there is no need for high investments in technical consultants and the implementation period was rather short. After two years, the benefits we are noticing are even greater. The app has evolved tremendously and we are using so many new features without having to get anyone involved from IT or from Rydoo.

How did the deployment go?   

We actually didn’t do much. We sent an e-mail to everyone with a short user guide and that was it. No learning session was needed, most people started using it instantly. Especially with the mobile app, people were very eager to start doing everything via their smartphone.

What are the main results?  

Within the finance department, the transformation was complete. We do not deal with paper anymore. Everything is now digital and employees do their expenses in real-time, which makes the processing and reimbursement period a lot shorter obviously. The work is now split between the finance and commercial teams themselves.
I must say that with Rydoo, we took an important step into determining a new and more strategic role for the finance team, because we could take away the burden of repetitive administrative tasks.

Any unexpected benefits?

As an insurance broker, we are focusing on being digital and it all has to start from within. Our employees are our first ambassadors, so when I am genuinely happy when I hear them bragging about how easy it is to do their expenses and be reimbursed. This is free advertising both for you and for us. Hearing this positive feedback is also a great testimonial of our efforts to become a fully digital insurance broker for both our clients and our employees.

Is Rydoo Travel next?

We were happy to hear about Rydoo Travel. Today, all our business travel bookings have to go through a management assistant that centralizes all demands and has to deal offline with our agency.
I would love to transform that the way we did with expenses so we are giving Rydoo Travel a try.

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