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Vanbreda Risk starts digital transformation from within

Koen Dierckx joined Van Breda Risk and benefits in 2015 as CFO. To develop the company’s digitization strategy, he examined existing processes and the possibility of optimizing them by digitizing lower-value tasks.

Koen’s first project was to re-evaluate Vanbreda’s expense management process.

How did you find Rydoo?

I had previously heard about Rydoo and learned about several companies using it. So it was kind of normal for us to move in that direction. I have to say, referrals are still the best marketing tool for businesses.


How was your selection process?

We tested the platform and felt Rydoo had the features we were looking for. From the digitization of receipts to the fully integrated process of approvals and financial controlling, it was able to meet all of our needs. We initially encountered a few technical challenges regarding the integration of Rydoo with our systems. However, Rydoo team helped us to solve the problems and find the right solution. From that moment we knew that there were great teams behind the platform and that we could continue to trust them to solve any problem.

Everything was done on paper. It was extremely time consuming, something had to be done!

Koen Dierckx


Why a cloud expense management solution?

Well, first of all it was mainly a question of cost. As a CFO, of course, numbers are the first thing I look at. The threshold for implementing Rydoo is very low: there is no need for large investments in technical consultants and the implementation period was rather short. After two years, the benefits we are noticing are even greater. The app has evolved tremendously and we are using so many new features without anyone from IT or from Rydoo having to get involved.


How was the deployment made?  

We haven’t really done much. We emailed everyone with a quick guide and that was it. No learning session was required and most employees started using it immediately. Especially when it came to mobile apps, they were keen to do everything on their smartphones.


What are the key results? 

Within the finance department, the change was complete. We no longer use paper. Everything is now digital and employees are doing their expense reports in real time, which of course has reduced processing and the reimbursement period by a lot. Work is now split between the finance and commercial teams.

I have to say that with Rydoo we have taken an important step in defining a new and more strategic role for our finance team as it has removed the burden of repetitive administrative tasks.


Were there any unexpected benefits?

As an insurance broker, we are focused on being digital and it all has to start from within. Our employees are our most important ambassadors. So I’m really happy when I hear them brag about how easy it is to process their expenses and get reimbursed. This is free advertising for both you and us. Hearing this positive feedback is also a great testament to our efforts to become the fully digitised insurance broker for both our clients and our employees.

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