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Stop printing, save trees

What if you didn’t have to keep your paper receipts in that dusty drawer anymore? Not only you would benefit, but so would our planet. Start thinking about recycling receipts or just ask for electronic ones, which we can read out just like paper ones.

cloud storage

Make room for people

Think about the office space your paper documents are taking up. Is that really a necessary cost? We don’t think so. Free up that space and make room for people, not paper.

cloud storage

Accessible from anywhere

What if you could consult original receipts from behind your laptop instead of drudging through archives full of paper? Converting to a paperless office makes any information search more efficient, more secure and less prone to discussions.

What clients are saying

NEC Brazil

Clarice O. - Treasurer

Before Rydoo, we were using physical documents and manual signatures and were actually paying a company to store all of these. But now we don’t need to spend money on storage anymore. Rydoo has all of the original copies saved as PDF, which means we can easily present them when necessary.

Miele Belgium & Luxembourg

Jean-Marie V - Director of Finance & Operations

Rydoo was exactly the solution we were looking for: simple, clear and most importantly paperless. So we decided to give it a try. That was five years ago.


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