About 60dias

At 60dias, expense receipts (regardless of the amount) are analysed and processed 100% from companies of all sizes and sectors to ensure the VAT deductibility of their T&E. All suppliers are contacted to obtain the invoices for the expenses that do not have a valid receipt for deduction, thus maximising the liquidity obtained by our clients.


Key features

  • 60 dias reviews and completes the necessary fields to achieve the exchange/complete invoices;
  • Contacts 100% of suppliers to obtain valid deductible invoices.
  • Eliminates the tax risk in the application;
  • Adapts to the needs of each client by customising the service and adjusting the upload files.

How it works

Through an end-to-end integration, The 60dias – Rydoo integration enables our joint clients to automatically and periodically download expense receipts from Rydoo

Our integration enables an automatic transfer of your expense data from Rydoo to 60dias so that this can be used to process your VAT reclaim. This will provide precise and up to date expense information, ready for our partner to make the claim on your behalf.

Once Rydoo is notified of your wish to transfer your expense data to 60dias and the approval is completed, we will share your data with 60dias via SFTP. 60dias will make the claim on your behalf, and you will receive your tax reclaim.

The process is fully compliant and transparent for you from the sharing of the expenses to the receiving of your tax reclaim.