About Bluedot

Blue dot identifies and processes both Fringe Benefits to be reported and Eligible VAT to be recovered. Thanks to its technology of advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to digitise tax compliance, Blue dot’s system eases a variety of complex operations while assuring maximum savings and minimal risk.

Key features:

  • Blue dot supports VAT recovery and determining taxable fringe benefits related to employee expenses for countries all around the globe.
  • Blue dot can make your company save millions in VAT-eligible expenses go unclaimed each year.
  • Blue dot’s integration with Rydoo enables organisations to automate the reporting of employee Fringe Benefits associated with employee expenses.


How it works

The customer will be asked to provide a list of expense types and the list of company codes as they are set in Rydoo. Blue dot will then set-up the mapping tables. These will be reviewed and entered into the auto fetching of data, that will be processed on a daily/weekly basis. Results appear in the customers portal as well as various available reports.