About Taxback International

For over twenty-five years, Taxback International has provided indirect tax reclaim and tax technology to more than 12,000 globally recognized brands. Their solutions synthesise expert-led advisory services with configurable tax technology to maximise VAT reclaim and increase efficiency of VAT compliance workflows.


Key features

  • sFTP  Integration using PGP encryption  
  • Automated Data Retrieval  
  • Next Generation Analytics  
  • 100 % Transactions Audited with AI/ML Tech

How it works

With our integration with TaxBack International, expenses from Rydoo flow automatically to TaxBack to be processed for VAT Reclaim. The integration ensures a seamless and secured connection between both systems. Below is the step-by-step process of enabling the integration:

  • Customer reaches out to Rydoo to request their expenses to be shared with TaxBack International.
  • Rydoo sends a letter of authorisation to the customer to be signed.
  • As soon as the LOA has been signed, Rydoo will setup the automated data feed to share the customer’s expenses to TaxBack International via SFTP.
  • TaxBack processes the expenses accordingly and informs the customer of their VAT Reclaim amount.