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Manage expenses in

Use a Rydoo Card or your company’s corporate card for one-time or recurring purchases. Rydoo ensures accurate data reconciliation with receipts or invoices.

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Split your corporate expenses

Allocate expenses amongst various projects, for instance, split the cost of a flight across multiple projects or split a hotel bill into business and personal expenses.

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Delegated business spending

Rydoo syncs with your HR tool, allowing the right PA to create and submit expenses. PAs can easily scan and submit expenses just by using a few pictures.

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Project workflow and budgets

Quick and precise invoicing is crucial. Assign expenses to project codes for prompt processing and charging customers. Approval policies ensure budgets aren’t exceeded.

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Global rollouts, local fine-tuning

You can define how you want to go live and which set of policies apply for different sets of employees. Our rule engine can help you set specific policies on a regional level, amount per attendee, amount per night, weekday or weekend.

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Automate mileage expenses and per diems

Upload your company’s mileage rates and see them appear as you drive. Set your custom daily allowance rates or simply upload your jurisdiction’s default ones and see them pop up automatically. Per diems take into account particularities of over twenty jurisdictions.

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Bill accurately and timely

Which of your expenses can – no, should – be billed to your customer? Rydoo allows you to easily distinguish between customer billable and non-billable charges, speeding up submissions. Billable items are processed instantly so you can invoice your customers accurately and quickly.


Simplify local compliance

Keeping up with the ever-changing local rules and regulations of the countries you visit can be challenging. Rydoo makes it easy to comply with local laws and regulations when submitting, approving, or declaring expenses. No matter what those baffling per diems, UK mileage rules, German 3 month regulations, or French carte grise are to you.

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Reclaim VAT seamlessly

Reclaiming VAT from various locations during business trips can be a difficult task, leading to a yearly loss of about $20 billion in unclaimed VAT. Rydoo simplifies this by keeping track of all your business expenses and forwarding the necessary information to our reliable VAT reclaim partners, ensuring a smoother and more efficient refund process for your finance team.

What our consulting clients are saying

Deloitte Belgium

Finance director

“Here at Deloitte we work with SAP. We set up a bi-directional interface through which we upload all our Rydoo data in our ERP. When we then still want to make some changes of corrections in the expense reports, they will also automatically be adjusted in Rydoo. The implementation went smoothly because Rydoo is complementary to SAP”

Innogy Consulting.


“We had to document a lot to go completely paperless: how our processes are compliant with the accounting regulations, our risk assessment and mitigation procedures, how we manage access to these data, how long they are stored, the quality of scanned images, their inalterability etc. Without Rydoo, it would have been impossible for us to go 100% paperless”

Resources for Consulting Companies

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ROI Calculator

Calculate your company’s cost savings on expense reporting

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Case studies

Discover how Rydoo has improved clients performance

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CFO Corner

Your go-to resource for information on all finance-related topics.

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Compliance Centre

Learn local compliance rules in the countries your company operates.

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Product overview

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Per Diems

Manage daily allowances and meal deductions in a few clicks.

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Corporate Cards

Physical and virtual cards to help you save time and money.

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