About Oversight

Oversight uses industry leading AI to tackle hidden spend risk in everything from Travel & Expense and Purchase Cards to Invoices. The Oversight solution provides you with 100% visibility across every area of spend, including FCPA compliance, giving you the power to mitigate, minimize, and eliminate spend risk and avoid regulatory issues.

Key features

Oversight’s audit and risk management platform enables your organization to identify spend risk no matter where it may be hiding. Our AI-powered platform looks across all spend categories to identify and prioritize risks that otherwise go undetected in siloed systems or in manual audits. Only Oversight offers a fully integrated solution to safeguard all your spend across Travel & Expense, Purchase Cards, and Invoices.

  • Travel & Expense Monitoring: Spot the hidden patterns of fraud, waste and misuse embedded in corporate travel & expense reports.
  • Invoice Monitoring: Analyse 100% of all transactions across your invoices and vendor data and stop cash leakage.
  • Purchase Card Monitoring: Help your purchase card holders understand and support spend policies and reduce overall transactions and risk.
  • FCPA: Proactively identifies compliance risk recognizing payment activities that could be indicative of bribery, corruption, or other regulatory issues.

How it works

Our integration with Oversight allows for expenses from Rydoo to flow automatically to Oversight to be processed for auditing. Rydoo will work with Oversight to set up an SFTP account for Rydoo to push data to Oversight. This can be configured with username/password or with key based authentication. This method allows for securely encrypting the data during transmission. Below is the step-by-step process of enabling the integration.

  • Customer reaches out to Rydoo to request their expenses to be shared with Oversight.
  • Rydoo sends a letter of authorization to the customer to be signed.
  • As soon as the LOA has been signed, Rydoo will set up the automated data feed to share the customer’s expenses to Oversight via SFTP.
  • Oversight processes the expenses accordingly to identify any potential fraudulent behaviour.